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Remote Examinations

Ever since a certain global pandemic that shall not be named, the ISED Amateur Radio Service Center has authorized Accredited Examiners [AEs] to offer their services remotely via teleconferencing software (ex: Zoom).

A list of AEs that offer remote exams:

Name Website ISED Listing
Benjamin Riehl Ben's Blog ISED Listing
Aaron Conner VA6ATC QRZ Listing ISED Listing
Vince d'Eon Vince's Blog ISED Listing
Phil McBride Phil's Blog ISED Listing

NOTE: This table doesn't list all of the remote-capable Accredited Examiners in Canada.

Don't want to be on this list? Maybe you want to be added? Feel free to send me an email if you want me to make any changes!

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