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Since the internet is a fairly vast place and most ham radio content is USA-focused; I've aggregated most of the popular study resources for my fellow aspiring Canadian amateurs! If you have any feedback or concerns, please shoot me an email! ben [{at}]


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Amateur Radio Service Center has allowed accredited examiners to offer online exams proctored via Zoom or other teleconferencing software. In-person exams are also available too. If you require any accommodations that might otherwise hinder your performance on the exam(s), please let your examiner know!

The author of this list is also an accredited examiner, but you can find a list of accredited examiners here: ISED Accredited Examiner Search

Video-on-Demand Courses, Notes, & Slides:

Flashcards & Practice Exams:

Full Fat Textbooks (PAID)

Live & In-person Courses:

Online Communities:

This post is partially inspired by Vince, VE6LK's Getting your amateur radio license in Canada - I highly recommend checking it out!

73, Ben

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