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UPDATED: June 23, 2024

Since the internet is a fairly vast place and most ham radio content is USA-focused; I've aggregated most of the popular study resources for my fellow aspiring Canadian amateurs! If you have any feedback or concerns, please shoot me an email! ben [{at}]


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Amateur Radio Service Center has allowed accredited examiners to offer online exams proctored via remote means. In-person exams are also available too.

The author of this list is also an accredited examiner, but you can find a list of accredited examiners here: ISED Accredited Examiner Search

Video-on-Demand Courses, Notes, & Slides:

Flashcards & Practice Exams:

Supplemental Material

Full Fat Textbooks (PAID)

Live & In-person Courses:

Online Communities:

This post is partially inspired by Vince, VE6LK's Getting your amateur radio license in Canada - I highly recommend checking it out!

73, Ben

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